MOB has established a reputation thanks to the high and consistent quality of its work. MOB aims to focus on the quality of all aspects of its work and to continuously improve as a learning organisation. We perform risk assessments and reviews for all areas of our work. Our flat management structure ensures quick consultation and decision-making, which means projects can be carried out on time and within budget. 

Our approach Through a flat management structure, MOB enables quick consultation and decision-making which in turn ensures that projects are carried out in time and within budget.

Our HSEQ systems are safeguarded using a logbook. This contains all documentation and instructions, and ensures the systematic registration and transparent communication of project documents, traceability, internal audits and subcontractor audits.

Our QA/QC specialists
Our team of motivated QA/QC specialists constantly tests and guarantees MOB’s welding quality and – together with our skilled employees on the work floor – ensures complete transparency in our work. They make sure that all relevant stakeholders are familiar with legal regulations and the standards and requirement identified by the customer. All our welders possess standard basic qualifications and can be employed in a wide range of activities. Besides excellent production facilities, we have our own X-ray facility where an independent Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) company checks and controls welding quality.