MOB’s approach is characterized by finishing the project on time, safely and within budget, even when circumstances may be adverse or when time pressure is high. At MOB, we love to tackle a project and to complete it within the shortest time possible while not compromising on safety or qualit

Our ambition
Our ambition is to provide customers with a top quality service, with utmost safety and competitive prices. With a flexible and solution-oriented mentality, our professional project teams support our customers to improve their processes and to realize cost reductions.

Our focus on continuous improvement to our internal organisation and processes is vital to achieving our ambition. Through constant review, we remain focused and are able to deliver our promises.
A deal is a deal
Honest, realistic and keeping to our word. MOB believes in clear and transparent operations.

Our approach to completing projects is based on open and clear communication, resulting in a full understanding of the customer’s expectations and a clear picture of the role of MOB.

Our intention is to deliver your projects on time, according to all relevant safety and quality requirements. We believe in a genuine partnership with our clients, being honest and realistic, in order to guarantee the safe and quality completion of a project.

Through this mutual understanding, even the most complex projects can be carried out as equal partners.
MOB has nurtured a committed, loyal, customer-oriented and cost-conscious culture. People are our most valuable asset and are the soul of our organisation.

Through many years of loyal service, our employees have built up an excellent professional reputation with our customers.

Our goal is to be the company where the best specialists feel at home and contribute to our achievements.
Working at MOB We are looking for toppers who, together with us, implement these plans and can count on a good personnel policy with attention to personal growth and of course excellent employment conditions. View our vacancies

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