In July 2020 we’ve started with our mechanical and piping activities for a geothermal project in The Hague, The Netherlands.  

A contribution to sustainability 
The city The Hague strives to be climate neutral by 2030 which requires a big change in the use and generation of energy. The AWCE project is a unique project within The Netherlands and aims to produce geothermal energy for the city centre in the South West of The Hague. The project uses two wells which are drilled to a depth of over 2000 meters. The installation in the building takes the heat out of the water and supplies the heat to a distribution network of our client. The distribution network provides several households with hot water which they can use directly. 

Project execution

Phase 1 
MOB had a window of 7 hours in the night to install a bypass to partly demolish the current situation. After 7 hours, the installation had to be operational again in order to provide the house holds of heat and hot water. Phase 1 involved activities of a high complexity, because the work had to be completed within a building and a very tight deadline. Phase 1 is successfully completed within 7 hours.  

Phase 2 
Phase 2 concerned the construction of the new installation. During this phase, we executed engineering, demolish and piping activities. Phase 2 also had some challenges. For example, it was difficult to hoist piping materials because of the many scaffolding and tight areas. We’ve successfully completed phase 2 in the beginning of September.

Phase 3 
Phase 3 was executed in September. This phase again involved a transposition which had to be completed in 7 hours. During phase 3 the new installation was prepared for execution. We’ve successfully completed our activities within 5 hours (2 hours before the deadline).