A turnaround which went differently due to the coronavirus, the TA HV7 at Shell Pernis, The Netherlands. Our client decided to execute this turnaround earlier to minimize large groups and to comply with the guidelines set by the Dutch government.   

A turnaround during the corona crisis
In April 2020 we’ve started with our turnaround activities at Shell Pernis, The Netherlands. During the TA HV7 MOB was responsible for completed its activities on time and within budget. MOB was also responsible for the coordination of all weld and pipe fitting activities executed by other contractors. 1.200 man hours were spend on exchangers, 4.000 man hours on mechanical related work activities and 4.000 man hours on piping related activities. The piping related activities had to be completed within 18 days. In addition, we’ve worked on 350 job packs within the turnaround, used various types of welding materials and carried out various heat treatment activities. 
One of the specialties of this turnaround was the top of section C704. We’ve completely changed the top of this section. Other specialties were the removal and placement of ducting on the furnace and a new convection section. We’ve spend approximately 14.000 man hours on this turnaround. 

Accelerating the date of this turnaround had its challenges. Together with our client and other mechanical contractors, joint measures had been taken to ensure the safety of our people. With a positive mindset an great corporation we’ve successfully completed our turnaround activities on time and within budget.