MOB has been contacted by an international customer for the execution of the mechanical and piping part of this project. MOB is known for completing complex projects within the (petro)chemical industry timely. 

The foundation of a great partnership was built only after a few conversations. Guido Herberghs, Project Director for this project, is very excited about this partnership. “We were enthusiastic from the start about this project because of its scope and strategic location. Because of our investments in building a great partnership, our flexibility and experience, we are now appointed as mechanical contractor. A great achievement for our company!”

MOB will start this summer with the execution of the post TA project. “When you start with a project for a new customer, it always takes some time to get to know each other, explains Guido. We aim to finalize our activities of high quality, safe and on time, as these are the most important factors to our customer. We look forward to successfully complete our activities timely and invest in a long-term partnership with our customer.”

MOB Mechanical Contracting BV is a partner for constructing and modifying installations, plants, refineries and petrochemical factories as well as your turnarounds projects and loading arm activities. Since 1985, we have been providing an extensive service package to our clients in the Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerp regions. Besides our vast experience in piping projects, we also have in-house knowledge related to specialist projects, such as heater revamps, constructing modules and skids and services regarding Loading Technology.