MOB has a wealth of knowledge in heater revamps and has successfully carried out a number of complex heater revamps projects in recent years.

A very specialized approach is required when carrying out heater revamps in existing installations. This work often takes place in an operational factory setting and can resemble downtime maintenance activities.

The work activities for heater revamps in existing installations demands a very specialised approach. Ovens are often adapted in an operating factory, making the conditions of the work activities look like the work activities of a maintenance downtime. The technical implementation, however, in such small surface areas requires a specific approach and thorough planning to the finest detail.


Project description:
EPC project – a complete refurbishment of two ethylene crack furnaces in the MLO factory.

Work activities:
Dismantling existing ovens, including coils, convection cells and several air ducts. Installation of new horizontal coils in the convection bench and vertical coils in the radiant cells.

Placement of an entirely new Denox unit and installing ducts and air pre-heaters.

Installation of new pipelines and placement of new equipment (ventilators, engines, valves).

Man-hours: 150,000 hours

Duration of the project: November 2008 to November 2009


Project description:

A total refurbishment of the F-501 furnace at Shell Pernis

Work activities:

: Stripping of existing roof & wall coils. Removal of convection bench and partial removal of roof components. Installation of new suspension points for the new roof & wall coils

Inserting and welding the new roof and wall coils.

Mounting the new convection bench and adjustment of the general steel furnace construction.

Man-hours: 20,000 hours

Duration of the project: April 2010 to May 2010
A speciality – heater revamps

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