Commissioned by euro tank terminal plc (ett), mob collaborated on the construction of the new ett 3 tank park in rotterdam-europort.

ETT is part of Vitol Tank Terminals International plc (VTTI) and launched the ETT 3 project (phase 3 of the tank park) that together with ETT 1 and ETT 2 has a storage capacity of more than 1,000,000m3 for various highly explosive substances (K1, K2 and K3).

These stored substances are conveyed from the tanks via the pipelines to the various jetties and subsequently, loaded or unloaded and transported by tankers. Transportation by train or lorry is also possible.

Since work commenced in August 2011, approximately 60,000 MOB man-hours has been devoted to the Caland Jetty (for loading & unloading) and in the installation of new pipelines, supports and constructions in a number of fuel tanks. In addition, MOB has worked on the ‘punching’ (quality assurance control) of piping systems for the largest part of the building project and a quality documentation system was established for the documentation that was required before the installation was made operational.
New construction ETT 3 tank terminal

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