For this 2009 project, mob was responsible for the prefabrication and installation of two different modules at its own location in rotterdam. The modules were constructed according to a plug-and-play system, which resulted in seamless and complementary functionality.

The first module had a total mass of 34 tonnes and was transported by pontoon to the client. Three large sections of equipment were placed onto the second module, a Catalytic Reforming Unit (CRU). The second module, weighing 125 tonnes, was hoisted onto a pontoon using two 650-ton Mammoet cranes and then transported to Moerdijk with the assistance of tugboats. The modules were delivered including steam tracing, insulation, instrumentation, wiring and paintwork. MOB finalized the project on site by connected the piping of the modules to the existing pipelines.
Facet project - Shell

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