In september 2014, mob successfully completed work activities at the galileïstraat thermal power station in rotterdam, which belongs to eon.

The former EFG exchange was converted into a new thermal power station, connecting the northern hot-water supply from AVR Rozenburg to Rotterdam’s hot-water supply, in order to provide heating to more houses in Rotterdam. Production at the old exchange ceased on 1st April 2014 and MOB started its work activities in July 2014.


The construction of the docking station involved the installation of large pumps, new large diameter pipelines and related supports and fittings. These adaptations were carried out in an existing as well as in a newly built basement at the thermal power station.  With a narrow basement entrance and restricted space, each pipe spool, fitting or support had to be brought into the basement in order and according to a detailed logistical plan.


In view of a short construction timeframe, other contractors’ work commitments, this project serves as a blueprint for the accurate and efficient coordination of activities. The excellent cooperation between EON, MOB and other contractors resulted in a successful project completion, on time and without incident.
Project Eon thermal power station rotterdam

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