In february 2016, mob undertook a project at emerald kalama chemical in the botlek, rotterdam.

Owing to a detailed scope and difficult situation, this was a complex project requiring intensive cooperation between all parties involved. Herewith an impression of this project, which was successfully completed in march 2017.

The client’s objective was to increase the production capacity of benzoic acid, which is used in foodstuffs, cosmetics and other products. Emerald’s investment in this building project enabled an increase in benzoic acid production to meet worldwide demand. The new building was constructed on existing premises and was connected, subsequently, to existing installations using tie-ins. This was carried out in phases during the construction period. In total, 23,500 man-hours were spent on prefab and more than 46,000 hours on on-site assembly. This was an enormous challenge taking into account the limited time window available.

MOB was responsible for the piping and equipment installation. Approximately 4.6 km of carbon steel (CS) and 2.9km of stainless steel pipelines, both with a maximum diameter of 20 inches, were processed and installed. This part of the project, of course, included all related supporting bolts, nuts, gaskets, various special items, approx. 150 spring supports, auxiliary constructions and pipeline preservation.

This project became more complex as the scope developed during operations. With a limited space of 600m2, plant logistics created a difficult working environment and, in addition, work on upper parts of the installation had to be carried out at extreme heights (approx. 55m). Despite these hazardous conditions, there were no safety incidents to report and MOB can reflect on a safe project completion.
Emerald project: expansion of the production capacity

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